You have to live in it, why not make it beautiful?


What gets us up in the morning: we set out to create a collection of decor and lifestyle items that are unique, visually pleasing, and great quality. Any place where you spend your time, and any task that you embark on can be aesthetically improved. That's where we can help.

What's different about us: we have a small brick and mortar boutique shop in Lehi, Utah. We love being in our shop, with it's boutique-y feel, nestled in a tiny old house built in 1887. But from inception, our founder Analia realized that our reach would be limited unless we took our collection online. We want to bring our curated collection to every home, so that even if you live in the middle of nowhere with no boutiques and design stores, buying a beautiful piece is no problem. We carefully pack every order, kiss it goodbye, and send it on its way to you as soon as your order is placed.

Why shop with us: our curated collection is sourced from the same places that professional designers shop from. We also search the world over for high quality, unique, beautiful pieces that are timeless. Now you can decorate your home like a professional designer, and you don't even have to leave your sofa - or let's be honest, you don't even have to leave your bed ... we see you, browsing in your PJs 👀

About our founder: Analia Hoyer set out to create a store that would bring decorator grade accessories and lifestyle items to everyone. She found herself frustrated as she visited countless Instagram profiles of the cutest shops, but most of them did not have a way to click and shop. The solution? Create a boutique that was fun to visit, and also available to all via ecommerce shop. Slope House Mercantile opened its doors in May 2022 and has taken the home decor world by storm. Analia and her wonderful team work tirelessly to source, sort, inventory, photograph, display and ship products.

What's with the name: the name Slope House was inspired by several factors, the first of which is that the store's current location is a charming old house that is 136 yrs old, and everything slopes! The windows, the floors, the roof! The boutique is also located near the snow slopes of Utah, and the newly coined Silicon Slopes of Lehi. Slope House was the natural choice.

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