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Black Coral Tide - Car Freshener

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We cannot keep Black Coral Tide Car Freshener in stock! Now this deliciously scented small space freshener available for the men in our lives in this amazing new scent! You'll want at least 2 of these, that's how sure we are you're going to love it.

Marine | Amber | Musk

Take your favorite B|T scent on the road with you wherever you go! Great for hanging on the rear-view mirror and in other small spaces.  Mysterious and deep, Black Coral Tide touches on sweet, musky notes that are reminiscent of high-end colognes. Harnessing that “clean” scent it might as well have the naturally self-cleansing properties of the ocean.

Duration:  3-6 weeks based on use and environmental factors. Avoiding high automobile interior temperatures as well as prolonged open window time can greatly increase longevity.

Instructions: While designed for cars, our fresheners are suitable for any small space including closets & bathrooms. Allow freshener to hang freely. To control fragrance cut along the top of plastic bag and expose a small portion of the freshener. Expose more of the freshener as needed. Neither seller nor manufacturer is responsible for misuse. 

Ingredients: Paper board, fine fragrance oils. 

Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with painted, plastic, or varnished surfaces. 

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