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Tall Dipped Tapered Candles, 18 inches

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Our crafted Tall Dipped Tapered Candles are designed to burn without any dripping, for one hour per inch. Each candle undergoes a dipping process with 35 dips ensuring an vibrant color. We join the pairs of candles with a braided cotton wick to guarantee a clean and even burn.

Our dipped taper candles have a base size of 7/8". Stand at an elegant height of 18 inches. This set includes two candles. Please note that due to the hand dipping process there might be variations in the width of the base. To accommodate variations we recommend using our Copper Candle Sharpener and Candle Helper tools. It's worth mentioning that subtle differences may occur in wax depth and color opacity.

These high quality candles are made from premium paraffin wax here, in the United States.

Pro tip; To prevent any dripping make sure to burn these candles from any drafts and remember to trim your wicks

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